• Money, Fame, and Believe in Yourself

    Money, Fame, and Believe in Yourself

    I will admit I have watched youtube videos the the titles – How to Make Money from Home Fast, How to get Instagram Famous, or How to Believe in Yourself. The feeling after is always the same. I need more, I need to do more, I need to be more. Some would call that motivated. I would call that unnecessary anxiety. Have you felt the same way? The Psalm I stumbled across that shows this How-to-Get-Rich-Fast-FOMO is Psalm 49. 

    Why should I fear when evil days come,
        when wicked deceivers surround me—
    those who trust in their wealth
        and boast of their great riches?
    No one can redeem the life of another
        or give to God a ransom for them—
    the ransom for a life is costly,
        no payment is ever enough—
    so that they should live on forever
        and not see decay. For all can see that the wise die,
        that the foolish and the senseless also perish,
        leaving their wealth to others.
    Their tombs will remain their houses forever,
        their dwellings for endless generations,
        though they had named lands after themselves.

    People, despite their wealth, do not endure;
        they are like the beasts that perish.

    This is the fate of those who trust in themselves,
        and of their followers, who approve their sayings.
    They are like sheep and are destined to die;
        death will be their shepherd
        (but the upright will prevail over them in the morning).
    Their forms will decay in the grave,
        far from their princely mansions.
    But God will redeem me from the realm of the dead;
        he will surely take me to himself.

    Psalm 49:5-15

    Although we have messages everyday telling us we need more, we need to be more, the important thing is we know that God is enough. He is the only one who can make our lives count, pay the price for our mistakes, and redeem us. Rich or poor our lives do end and we need a savior.


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