• Twenty-Seven Lessons I’ve Learned

    Twenty-Seven Lessons I’ve Learned

    Fila Shoes || Red Boots

    The looks are vintage/thrifted. Featuring a red vintage suite + a thrifted mens white Levi jacket.

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    Twenty-Seven Lessons I’ve Learned

    I turned 27 today! Because I am feeling nostalgic, I decided to do what I did when I turned 25. I am listing out 27 things I’ve learned. Enjoy!

    1. Marriage can be a lot harder than you expect, but SO worth it.
    2. Expressing needs and wants is not complaining. It’s communicating.
    3. Having another person in your life have your back for you when need it is amazing. Thanks hubby!
    4. God really does bring healing and redemption.
    5. If someone is talking about you negatively to your face, they are probably doing that behind your back too.
    6. God uses your dreams for His ultimate glory and there’s nothing better.
    7. God’s word is amazing. Literally if you need some guidance or hope. Read the Bible. That book has not stopped giving me life. I’ve been reading it since I learned how to read and I seriously would not be where I am without meditating on God’s truth.
    8. Your marriage is between you and your husband. 
    9. You are not always going to be everyone’s flavor of ice cream.
    10. Do what terrifies you. 
    11.  Love means sacrifice. 
    12. Yoga is helpful
    13. Running is also helpful. So don’t stop. ha
    14. It’s ok to talk about it tomorrow.
    15. Influencing people with your own opinion and words is not as powerful as talking about God’s word.
    16. Listening to people’s stories will help you slow down enough to understand where they are coming from and how you can serve them.
    17. Being a pastor’s wife is freaking hard and weird! Shout out to all y’all!
    18. Create a prayer wall, it really does help you pray for others. 
    19. Don’t get down when others put you down –– it reflects their own self worth.
    20. Invest in people who are younger, not because you can teach them something, but because they can teach you something. 
    21. The best way to grow is to have someone older and wiser speaking into your life.
    22. Don’t allow someone to speak into your life if they don’t ALSO have someone speaking into THEIR life. 
    23. Counseling is good.
    24. Keep creating. 
    25. It’s so amazing to find your person. John is such a blessing.
    26. Doing what you say you will helps build trust with yourself and others.
    27. Speak. You DO have something to say.

    There you have it! I am now going to eat all the donuts my friends gave me for my special day. Also John is cooking tonight, so yay!


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