How Daily Habits Build Your Life

How Daily Habits Build Your Life
UR Covered Podcast
UR Covered Podcast
How Daily Habits Build Your Life

Anytime you want to accomplish any goal — you have to show up and do something, whatever it is — consistently.

This goes into our spiritual walk, and our mental health!

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Get ready in the mornings, turn it on in your car during your commute, and listen while you are on your run… The UR Covered podcast is here for you. This is a time to hang out, and talk about fashion, your mental health, and Jesus. Your host is Hannah Lynn Miller. She will encourage you to turn your narrative into knowing who you are, and understanding where your value comes from and what you believe. We will be exploring the connections between fashion, theology, and therapy. So basically we will cover all the things — most importantly that your identity is covered in what Jesus did on the cross for you.

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Hannah is not a licensed therapist so the advice on this podcast is not from a professional. Hannah is a student of Clinical Mental Health Counseling and am being supervised this year in an internship, but have not received my masters.

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Hello hello welcome back to the UR Covered podcast! I just want to say you all are looking fabulous today. Way to show up! So today I want to talk about the importance of daily habits. I think there’s a few things in life that teach you about daily habits. The one thing can be going to school everyday. Having to get dressed and brush your teeth… Eating breakfast… What sort of things come to mind for you when you think basic daily habits? 

For me, what comes to mind is practice. Most people who play instruments have to practice everyday. Even if they are the most talented person musically, they still have to practice everyday. The goal is to become faster, stronger, better. When my goal was to become a harpist I practiced for two or three hours before school. Just for a season. 

It’s really helped me with consistency like social media. I am running like 8 or 10 accounts right now. And because of my consistent practice with harp it really taught me to take the time every day and show up. I think anytime you want to accomplish any goal — you have to show up and do something, whatever it is — consistently. 

This goes into our spiritual walk, and our mental health!

Bible Study on Why Daily Habits 

You showed up today, hey I am hannah lynn miller. Showing up is a great phrase for when you are feeling down or not motivated. It’s even used for those of us who struggle with depression and anxiety. In the book, “the secret society of success, the author Tim Schurrer, says to ask yourself each day WHO are you showing up for every morning before you go to work.” You know what helps with this mindset? Showing up for the One who always shows up for you. Take some time to build a daily habit of spending time with Jesus today. He’s the ONLY one who has you on His mind 24/7. He’s the healthiest relationship you will ever have. SO why not spend time in GOd’s Word each day and find the motivation to show up for others in your life by spending time with the one who has shown up for you each and everyday. 

Fashion – Daily Habits to Improve Your Personal Style 

  • Plan ahead
  • Keep your wardrobe organized
  • Use a wardrobe organizing app
  • Check the weather every morning
  • Take your time in the morning
  • Mix fashion trends with classic pieces
  • Buy a steamer
  • Have a backup outfit that you love just incase you run out of time or are indecisive

Daily Habits for Your Mental Health

Here’s a quick list of the mental health daily habits I am working on.

  • Meditation on scripture
  • Reading my One Year Bible
  • Water
  • Vitamins
  • Cleaning kitchen
  • Checking my finances
  • Journaling

I hope this episode helps! Let me know in the comments a habit you are working on.

Track it and cross it off <3

Hannah Lynn Miller
Hannah Lynn Miller

Hannah is a radio/podcast host, blogger, fashion-obsessed, mental health counselor in training and Bible teacher. Subscribe for daily inspiration.

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