Over the years I have had seasons where I only used The One Year Bible for my daily Bible intake. That’s a large Bible broken up in daily readings. If you stick to the reading you will finish reading through the Bible in a year. It really is a great discipline. Recently I have found it difficult to bring the Bible with me on the go. I have my study ESV Bible and don’t want to carry two Bibles everywhere I go! So here are a list of my favorite Bible study apps. Let me know which one you’ve been using.

I absolutely love the story of Joseph. His story made a huge impact in my life a year ago and this study is what God taught me straight from Genesis 37-50.

I wrote this devotional so that you can study the passages in one sitting or over a five days. Here’s a few things I hope you will glean from the study:

  1. The important lessons we can learn from the narrative of Joseph.
  2. What to do with your goals.
  3. Does God care about your dreams?
  4. What to do in a waiting seasons.
  5. How to get through life road blocks.