Three Ways Discontentment May Be Running Your Life

Three Ways Discontentment May Be Running Your Life

My life was feeling a bit out of control. I came to realize my discontentment grew wheels and took me for a ride. I’ve come to realize there’s three categories of discontentment. Pointing out which one is running my life has been a game changer.

Are you Discontent in the season of life you’re in… you want to finish school, have kids or retirement. This is the one I constantly have to fight again. I am pretty driven and don’t like to be last. I wanted to be the first person in my class to have my college figured out when I was in high school. I was discontent when my friends were all getting married. And now I feel discontent when I think about being in gradschool still. That’s where I am battling. This is dangerous because we could end up wishing our life away. This is dangerous because we could end up wishing our life away.It’s hard because some of these seasons of discontent can be painful like miscarriages, rejection, job loss, failed classes. We have to trust that God has something for us in every season — even the painful seasons.

Are you discontent with what you have? Do you want a house or a better car… or if you’re like me you scroll down instagram and save a clothes in your wishlist. Everyone has something bigger and better. Keeping up with the next door neighbor. Another one I struggle with. Things are never going to be enough my friend.

What about discontentment in relationships. Do you wish you had better friends or were married. Do you wish your spouse would pick up the dirty clothes sometimes. Yes, that can be a form of discontentment.

Discontentment in what you have, life seasons, your relationships can cause you to quickly lose control of your life like you’re sitting in a runaway shopping cart. 

Paul talks about the secret to contentment  in Philippians 4… We can only find contentment through Christ’s strength. That’s straight out of the text. Finding satisfaction in knowing that God has a plan and He desires us to go through life with Him — there’s nothing like it. This kind of contentment may just start with quieting your heart and sitting alone with your God. Then we can say confidently like Paul, My God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus. AMEN!

Hannah Lynn Miller
Hannah Lynn Miller

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