Know What You Believe

Theology is the study of God. If I can study the Bible I promise you can too. Know what you believe and what your faith is. Too many of us go through life not thinking about what we were taught growing up. We can just take it at face-value. Or some of us never looked into the question “is there more?”. This is the place where I blog about what I’ve been learning about the Bible, God, faith, and how it relates to our life. I hope you join me in diving in and discovering more from the Bible. 

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Foundations of Christianity

My Favorite Bible Study Tools and Apps

Over the years I have had seasons where I only used The One Year Bible for my daily Bible intake. That’s a large Bible broken up in daily readings. If you stick to the reading you will finish reading through the Bible in a year. It really is a great discipline. I put together a page full of great Bible tools and Apps. I will continue to add to it as you have given me more resources that have helped you study God’s Word. You can download the page here by clicking on the button below. 

— HL