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All opinions expressed on this blog are my own, Hannah Lynn Miller. I share my thoughts and convictions to give informative, enjoyable, and educational content. They do not reflect Moody Radio, any church I attend or company I may work with.

Affiliates and Gifts

This blog uses affiliate links. However, I will tell you when a brand has gifted or sponsored my content on this blog. All links are affiliate links through either Amazon LLC or RewardStyle. I receive a small percentage when you purchase a product through my link. This percentage helps me keep my blog running. Again, I do not want to every make you feel blind sighted and will do as much as I can to let you know which content is sponsored, gifted or affiliate links.


I desire to create a trusting and loyal community with my audience. You are the reason I do what I do. I do not share products that I would not use myself. All products and companies I work with I ,100% sign off on. Otherwise I will not mention the products. I love reading about fashion and where to shop too. I would hate to feel blind sited by one of the bloggers I follow. For this reason any gifted, sponsored, or affiliate linked products I publish on my blog are products I use or are on my wish list.


I take most of my own photos. I don’t have an instagram husband haha (But if he does help me, I usually give him some credit). All images on this blog I own the rights to or have hired someone to create the images or photos. You will know of the photographer in the beginning of the post. If you desire to use the images on this blog, all I ask is for you to give me and the photographer credit at the beginning of the post or Instagram caption and link back to my blog. If I use any images that I do not have the rights to please email me and we will get that fixed right away.



Hi, I’m Hannah Lynn

Here's a few things about me. I have 8 years of radio broadcasting experience. I left my job as a radio broadcasting host and engineer to start my own media company, Abundantly More Media, and finish my degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. My hobbies include fashion, fashion, fashion, and crocheting.

Most importantly, I believe that God gives us life in abundance (John 10:10). I like to say that life with Jesus feels like I once was blind, but now I see in full color.

So, if you love fashion, desire to know more about your Creator, and want to learn about mental health, you are in the right place.

- Hannah Lynn

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