One of my greatest joys is teaching the Bible. I am here to serve you, your ministry, your event, your conference, your non-profit, your youth group or your small group. I am so so passionate about telling others about how much God’s word can change our lives. I believe we can stand firm on the Bible and talk about things like mental health, depression, fashion, identity, love, and dating.



Fashion is a part of our culture. Whether you realize it our not. We get our politics, news, relationship advice from fashion media sites. Vogue is a good example of this. I absolutely love entering into this conversation with a God telescope.

  • Sustainable fashion
  • What is FAIR TRADE fashion
  • How to respect yourself
  • What is modesty
  • body-positivity
  • Identity
  • Theology of fashion

Mental Health

I am working towards my masters in Mental Health Counseling with an emphasis on marriage and family therapy. I am passionate about learning and teaching the emotional tools found in Mental Health counseling.

  • Anxiety/depression
  • How to ask better questions
  • Body-positivity
  • Identity


The most powerful talks I can give are just straight from God’s word. No fluff. No added sugar. Just God’s words. Teaching God’s word exegetically is a true honor. Each time I am blown away that God has called me to teach His word.

Topics I’ve Taught on

  • The Joseph Narrative: What we can learn from Judah
  • Jesus and Success
  • Is Your Spiritual Battery Charged
  • How to communicate the Gospel clearly
  • John 15
  • Modesty not according to 1 Timothy 2:9

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