Why I Love My Kindle

Why I Love My Kindle

A Kindle Review

This Christmas I had asked for something very specific. A Kindle. I don’t know why or how I came across the Kindle interest but here I am. I am obsessed with the whole aesthetic on Instagram. Other than the fun community, I also knew I wanted to have more hobbies that would work with having a newborn. I have always loved to read, but since being in school forever, I lost the joy in it.

Other Ways to Read and Why the Kindle Is Better

The Library

During the summer I started going to my local library and I enjoyed that as a free resource to books. I will probably rent from the library again in the future, especially for children’s books when Rhema starts enjoying reading. Here’s a few reasons why the Kindle is better:

  1. I am not afraid to go places where the book may get dirty or wet. The Kindle is just mroe durable than a paper book. It’s fine if you own the book, but if you are renting it from the library you don’t want to be bringing that book to the pool.
  2. The convenience is unreal. You just buy a book on Amazon and it’s there on your Kindle. I live in a city and sometimes it is just annoying to get out and try to find parking to go to the library. It is an entire outing.


I also loved using audible during my daily drives for my internship last year. I think I read five books on Audible last year. I think it is so practical for those of us who have had long commutes in the car. I get it. But now that I am working primarily from home and not traveling in the car as much, Audible is not used as often. If you aren’t listening to two books a month the subscription isn’t worth it. I do love that you can read the book on a speed feature and it is a good option for those of us who have our hands free. However, getting to sit down and read can help you focus on the book better and remember what you are learning. I know there’s a way to captivate the quotes that you love on Audible, but it’s so much easier to store it in your Kindle note-taking section for later reference.

The Books on Your Book Shelf

There’s nothing like just owning a hardback book. I love the aesthetic, the feeling of the pages turning, and knowing that you can find this book on your shelf. I do think that the books that have helped me in life and in my profession deserve a place on my bookshelf. However, I have found that this is not a great option for those of us who are on the go. I really do destroy my physical copy books and this makes me sad most of the time. The Kindle provides a way for me to read without packing a huge book into my diaper bag with the potential of ruining it. The Kindle doesn’t take up space when traveling and I love that. The physical books on your shelf do not have a digital way to store up quotes and important notes you are learning about. That’s another reason I prefer the Kindle.

Kindle Review

To recap, here are a few reasons why I will be using my Kindle more than other ways to read books:

  • The note-taking capabilities
  • The space-saving
  • The endless amount of books you can have/ read on a Kindle
  • The light changes you can make on your Kindle
  • The ability to read without a reading lap
  • You don’t have to be on your phone or a screen while reading
  • The Kindle community online is just fun!
  • It’s more durable than a paper book
  • You can create study material
  • Reading is good for your brain

I am in my Kindle era and I love it! Below I am going to link some books in my reading list along with the Kindle and accessories I have been loving. Let me know if you are a Kindle girlie or if you like another way to read your books.

Kindle Accessories

Books I am Loving

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