• The Bible Verse You Should Know Before You Date

    The Bible Verse You Should Know Before You Date

    Since I love hanging out with high school girls (I’m a youth pastor’s wife), I get many questions about dating. I love these! So fun! And occasionally I’ll get a text from a girl who is going on her first ever date. We’ll go have coffee and talk about the guy, what the parents think, where is the first date going to be, what will she wear… all of the exciting fun things. 

    The only serious part of the conversation is a verse I tell every girl going on her first date. It’s from the Song of Solomon in chapter 8 verse 4. Ready?!?!?!

    “I urge you, don’t stir up or awaken love until it pleases”.

    Song of Solomon 8:4

    I go on to explain that this verse is written to tell those who are not married to wait for marriage to be intimate. The person talking in this chapter is a married woman who wants to show her husband affection in public but can’t because of the culture at that time. She is saying those feelings and emotions are strong and hard to control even for a second. That’s why it’s important to wait until the commitment of marriage is there. It’s hard to stop after you’ve “awaken those desires”. 

    If you’ve been in the dating game for awhile now and have crossed a few lines, putting up emotional and physical boundaries might be more difficult, however, it’s important while dating. If you are stopping by because you are just starting to date — don’t stir up or awaken love until it’s the right time. 

    Wow, is the Bible real or what?



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