My Third Trimester Update

My Third Trimester Update

Wow, time flew! I was originally going to give you a second-trimester update, but I am well into my third trimester now. My second trimester was wonderful. Once I hit the twenty-week mark I was feeling amazing. I had so much energy and I loved my small baby bump.

I am not sure if I mentioned this in the previous update, but we did find out baby is a little girl. John and I are so excited! Around week 25 I started to feel restless and wanted to get so much done before the baby. When people talk about nesting I thought it was just something you do, you know, because a baby is coming. No one told me it feels like anxiety and an animal instinct. My nesting started keeping me up at night with a list of things to do and research. I have never dealt with insomnia so this was new for me. That brings us to the third trimester!

How is the pregnancy going now that you are in your third trimester?

I am currently at week 35 when writing this. I am tired, heavy, and waddling more. I just went on my last grocery and Target run. I really don’t want to enter another store until baby comes out. I have noticed that it’s harder to clean and pick up things. John has had to help me a lot more with little things, much to my frustration. He’s been so helpful with cooking me food and being patient with my constant nesting.

It’s funny, because I remember my mom being pregnant and asking me to pick things up off the floor for her. It’s a childhood memory that stands out to me, since I was 7 and 9 when my two younger siblings were born. I never truly understood until now.

Everything is moving along and baby girl is healthy. I am lucky enough to have ten-minute OB appointments with the doctors because of being low risk.

What has been helpful during your second and third trimester?

I read the book, Expecting Better by Emily Oster, pretty early on in my pregnancy and it really helped me not feel so anxious about doing things wrong. The book is research and data-heavy which is something I understand and appreciate. The author not only talks about what research is out there but she also talks about how accurate the research is, where the data comes from, and the data inaccuracy. It is really difficult to study pregnancy ethically so the data we do have is not always accurate. This was so helpful.

I am also loving the podcast Mood with Lauren Elizabeth. She’s also pregnant and it’s been fun to hear her raw thoughts about pregnancy as I’ve had similar ones.

I just put this together because Emily Oster narrates Expecting Better’s audiobook, but both she and Lauren are from Chicago and I just love the fast-paced, direct, no-nonsense way they both deliver information. Totally my speed and language.

What are you the most afraid of?

Because I haven’t been through labor I have no idea what to even expect. It’s a blissful ignorance and I am ok with this. I have loved watching YouTube videos on labor and delivery along with birth stories. Because I have friends who have been through childbirth, I’ve had advice and tips. I think a major fear of mine is not listening to my intuition, not communicating what I need, or not being heard when I do. I am really thankful I have done the work to feel connected to my body and listening to what I need has been really helpful during pregnancy.

Do you have a name picked out?

We do!

Rhema Lynn Miller

Rhema means God’s word for us today. It’s used interchangeably with the Greek word for God’s word, “logos”. I am so thankful that God speaks and teaches us every day and in every season and I know he will continue to do this in our lives. I am praying that my daughter receives the same kind of comfort.

Lynn is a family middle name. My mom and I have the middle name Lynn and it’s a great tribute to my family and my maternal family.

It truly has been an honor to carry her and get to know her as she grows.

Do you have a birth plan?

My plan is to have a happy healthy baby. As of right now, I don’t have anything specific and honestly don’t feel the need to. John and I have had more conversations about labor and delivery and as long as he and I are on the same page I feel good about it.

What has been saving you in the third trimester?

I have had the most painful heartburn ever! I cannot believe how awful it has been. However, I have realized that I do get more heartburn when I am not eating enough, which is hard to figure out since baby girl is taking up so much room. I have also used hot milk as a natural remedy. Seaweed snacks and soup are also helping. I did get the go-ahead from my doctor to use Pepcid and that has really helped.

I am also loving products from They gifted me their red raspberry tea and magnesium complex among other great pregnancy and postpartum products.

How were your baby showers?

We had three baby showers which was definitely a blessing. One with my mom, my inlaws, and my church family. Rhema is already incredibly loved and John and I felt the support as new parents.

How is your nursery going?

It was last week that I had such a hard time sleeping. After going to all of the showers, John and I looked at what we still needed and ordered what was left. I used my insomnia to finish the baby nursery and put everything away. It’s insane how much you need for a baby but it also makes sense since this is my first one. As soon as the crib mattress and baby stroller came in I felt so much relief. I haven’t woken up at 4 am since. That nesting stuff is no joke.

Anyways, the nursery is done! I am sharing a few of the things I put on the registry on my YouTube channel this week if you are curious about what I found.

On to labor and delivery …

I am sure I will give as many updates as I feel comfortable with on Instagram mostly because it is fun for me. If you are not following me there check it out.

Thanks for being on this journey with me! Thanks for all of the prayers for baby girl. Praying for a healthy baby girl on the other side of this pregnancy.

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Hannah Lynn Miller
Hannah Lynn Miller

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