Shop Black-Owned Businesses Holiday Gift Guide

Shop Black-Owned Businesses Holiday Gift Guide

Let’s be part of the change and support black owned businesses.

Creative Director – Kieran Hamilton

Photo by Eclecticist
Photo by Eclecticist


This brand is for the modern minimalist. I especially love the cow print dress, pant, and masks.


Estelle is a glass wear brand that is black owned. They also sell beautiful cake stands! Each product is hand-blown. This is a great gift for mom or grandma. I also am keeping this in mind for when my friends get married. What amazing glassware!

Photo by Estelle


This aesthetic is to die for. I want to buy all the things. Give the gift of comfort in all the sets on Lilac Reign’s site.

Photo from Lilac Reign
Photo from Lilac Reign


Mellissa Butler was rejected on Shark Tank, but now has her makeup line in Target stores. Check out her brand and look for her products in Target stores today. Lip stick is always a good stocking stuffer!

Photo by Gracemade


This sustainable + black owned + faith based brand is beautiful. From their simple website design to their classic pieces you’ll feel inspired. Every purchase donates towards charity. They also focus on modest clothing. Co-Founder Jasmine Rennie breaks down their vision for Gracemade’s modest focus with Biblical principles.


This Nigeria accessory brand has THE best hand bags! All bags are hand made in Nigeria and made from locally sourced leather.

Photo by Muji
Photo by 3rd Eye View Eyewear

3rd Eye View Eyewear

This eyewear brand has a nonprofit that helps the visually impaired by giving a pair of glasses.

“We strive to give children 2020 vision by helping them see their surroundings more clearly. Our program provides vision screenings, eye exams and new eyeglasses to children in need at no cost to the families. We also work to educate communities about the importance of children’s vision care and the role it plays in literacy, society and the economy.”

On Sight Initiative


Not Work Related is a black owned pottery and ceramics company. I love the many colors and styles. They are from New York City and also teach pottery classes.

photo by Shon Michaux
photo by Shon Michaux


Comfy sweats! Check! Who wouldn’t want a pair of these from Shon Michaux under their tree. Gift one of these sets for a friend.

They also have face masks for $3.50

Photo from Teas With Meaning

Tea With Meaning

For this brand let me just let the found speak for herself:

“Teas With Meaning is committed to providing organic loose leaf tea blends and authentic tea experiences. Developed in the heart of Oakland by educator and tea connoisseur, Kamilah Mitchell, a brain tumor survivor and cancer warrior.”

photo by Design Dua.

Design Dua.

For your sister who just had a baby or your daughter-in-law who is expecting… This black owned sustainable and organic brand is full of handmade products you will love.

Trade Street Jam Company

Give the gift of jam! Check out Trade Street Jam Company for unique jams that are low in sugar and vegan.

Photo by Trade Street Jam co.


Ok so I love this artistic brand so much! I love planners too and the holidays is a good time to buy a friend a new planner. Eeni creates beautiful prints that you can find on scarves, planners, and stickers. This is a great choice for your creative always inspired friend who may need a planner in her life <3 <3 <3 just a hint to my friends lolololol


Try these lipsticks. They are cruelty free, paragon free, and vegan. I love the many shades you can find on their site.


Every girl needs a pair of nude heels. I’ve had a pair since 2011 that I am obsessed with. What this shoe brand has done seems so normal, but it’s not. KAHUME has created a nude heel in every skin color. It’s such a needed company!

photo by KAHUME

The best way to end 2020 in my opinion is to support change, support small businesses and promote black owned! Together we can be apart of the change. Keep on eye on this list during the holidays. I will probably keep adding to this list. If you know of a black owned company you love send me a link in the comments.

Hannah Lynn Miller
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