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Stay At Home Amazon Essentials — What’s in My Amazon Cart

Stay At Home Amazon Essentials — What’s in My Amazon Cart

Hi all, I wanted to put together my favorites from Amazon… because I found so many fun things during this pandemic. My husband just got a box of puzzles today. I wanted to share with you my favorites that I have been using already AND the products that I have in my cart.

What I’ve Been Loving

  1. Since I’ve been sitting so much I purchased a back roller. I’ve had so much back pain! It is probably because we are all just laying around going from bed to couch to desk.
  2. I’ve reorganized my kitchen probably like four times. I bought this set of kitchen organizers and LOVE IT! My kitchen feels so much more organized without bags of chips, flour, or rice stacked in a cabinet. Try it! It does wonders to your mental health!
  3. I use this breakfast tray for everything! When I am answering emails from my bed I’ll bring it out. When John makes popcorn, I use it as a table when it’s movie night. I am using it right now as a way for me to stand while working from my desk.
  4. I bought just one role of this rainbow film, thinking it wasn’t going to give me the good vibes I was seeing on TikTok but oohhhh I was wrong. Don’t go spending 40 bucks for this. I promise this one works and it will only cost you $20
  5. I also organized my drawers during this stay at home order. I used these organizers and guys, I will never go back. I have loved not searching for socks at 3:45 am.
  6. Another item my small family loves is our echo dot. John has been talking to my computer thinking it’s Alexa. haha I’ve been listening to Audible and iTunes through my Alexa. It’s fun to have another thing to talk to hahaha.

What’s In My Amazon Cart

  1. Body Scrub – I am out of all things! hahaha so I put this homemade body scrub in my cart.
  2. Stay At Home Candle – Somehow I am all out of candles! So I found this cute candle on the amazon homemade page. Enjoy!
  3. Homemade Checker Scrunchie – this is so my vibe!
  4. Lightening Bath Bomb – More R&R essentials.
  5. Makeup Crayon – I am dying to try these out!
  6. Light Therapy Light – For those cloudy pandemic days!

Thanks for stopping by! If you try any of these tell me about it in the comments below or hit me up on IG!


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