White Tee Options

White Tee Options

White Tee Options

There’s nothing like a soft simple white tee to complete an outfit. This basic keeps things simple and I am obsessed with the look. There’s two things that keep me from buying white tees. The first is that the fabric is cheap and the second is that I always get white dirty or it’s hard for me to keep it white. Because of this, I look for two things: 1) good quality fabric 2) a decent price in case I ruin it with mustard or something.  Here’s the best white tee options out there. I read an article from Vogue that talked about the top white tees and thought I’d add a few of my own ideas. I was glad they had Everlane’s white tees and Hanes Men tees on the list. Those two are my favorites. Here’s a few more options you will love as you look for a new white tee. 

Brands to Look For


This tee is sustainably made and is made out of the softest materials you’ll ever feel. I have one of their first tees they made from 2015 and I don’t think they ever changed their process. It’s still one of my favorite tee shirts. 

Target Hanes Men Tees: 

This is another favorite trick of mine. I bought a packet of the men’s tees from Target when I first graduated from college and found out it was a great basic. If you want a cheep option this is where it’s at. 

Skims White Tee: 

I haven’t tried this top but I have heard it is a great option. The top probably has the best fit. 


Allbirds is another great sustainable, quality brand that I love. Their sea tee classic is worth the price. I believe their tee is off white, but that’s even better. Try their products out. 


Pact is another company that is organic, sustainable and values quality over quantity. Their materials are amazing too. 

So there you have my top white tee options. I also listed a few items from H&M, Revolve, and Banana Republic for fun options and ideas. 

Where do you get your favorite basic white tee? Did I miss one that you love? Let me know in the comments. Did I miss one?


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Hannah Lynn Miller

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