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15 Ways to Clean Out Your Closet

15 Ways to Clean Out Your Closet

Remember when I told you I moved? Well, I now have a huge closet. YAY! So I failed to clean out my closet. I feel like starting a fashion blog has not helped my spending habits on clothing… duh… And it has not helped me with my problem with keeping clothes long after I should. That’s why I am going to write this post… for you… but mostly for me. I will start with something I read. You can downsize your wardrobe by 30% if you ask yourself “I f I saw this in the store today would I buy it again?” Most of the time you say no. If you are like me this is because you get bored of clothes easily, or you love it so much it went out of style ten years ago. Here are a few things I still have in my closet and you do too that need to go. 

1. Old Fashion Magazines. I had a stack of fashion magazines by the side of my bed all year. They were just collecting dust. My friend sends me magazine clippings in the mail when she finds something she knows I would love. What do I do with those. The first idea I have is creating a secret Pinterest board. Pinterest makes it super easy for you to take a photo on your phone and upload it to a board. The second idea is to take photos on your phone and create your own photo album. You can organize your own fashion magazine on your iPhone. That way you can toss those magazines out. 

2. Uncomfortable Shoes. Stop saving the cute shoe that doesn’t fit. This is your time to get real with yourself. You are never going to wear that shoe that pinches your heel so much that you can’t walk. Sometimes I just need a reminder. I am too lazy and addicted to comfort to wear those heels again.

3. Clothes you wore when you were a different size. I am never going to fit into those jeans from high school. Also if you are loosing weight this is a good time to throw out your “big” clothes. Say goodbye to the past and never go back.

4. Old Work Uniforms. This is great. If you have changed careers or you have old work uniforms free space in your closet by throwing out old uniforms. I am new in my career, but I could see how those work related polos can add up!

5.  Throw out anything Your exes bought you. Ok, I am really bad at this. Mostly, because I don’t feel any attachments to the things my exes bought me. Mostly, because it was all crap. They literally always get me exercising socks. I don’t know why. It’s like did they talk to each other? “Hey, I got Hannah socks. You should too. It’ll really piss her off”…. Anyways. This is a really great time to clean out the exes in your closet.

6. Outdated Jewelry. Another thing I am bad at. I love vintage jewelry so why can’t I keep mine until they become vintage? That’s great and all, however, you are not leaving room for new. Take some time and go through what you don’t wear anymore.

7. Anything that Doesn’t Go with your current style. You change and so does your style. I used to wear Hollister in high school and in college I wore anything I found at the thrift store. I used to love bright colors and now bright colors stress me out. Its like Van Gogh when all he painted was in shades of blue. I have a black period in my clothing choices right now. Getting dressed is an emotional thing. You are expressing you. Don’t feel guilty for throwing out something your aunt got your for Christmas three years ago if its just not you.

8. Clothing that is worn. If it has pit stains or holes throw it out. look for this as you are going through your wardrobe.

9. Anything you are holding onto because of a memory. If you don’t wear it, but it is somehow attached to you because of a memory take a picture of it and give it to Good Will. This can be a bad habit.

10. Broken Jewelry.
I always say I am going to fix it. In reality I am just too busy. I have a pile of broken or missing earrings that I need to throw out.

11. If you haven’t worn in 12 months. This is just a great way to measure if you should toss a dress or those shorts.

12. The Never Will Bes… You probably will never wear that ball gown you bought on clearance. I don’t go clubbing but I bought a dress you would never wear unless you go out. I recently donated it. You know what you do from week to week. If you bought a dress without an event in mind and never wore it toss it!

13. Clothing that You keep Just Because it was expensive. You should never keep something just because it cost you a lot of dough. Keep it because it looks adorable on you. If it doesn’t, throw it out!

14. T-shirts from high school. HAHAHAHAHAHAH I am horrible. I have all my t-shirts
from like freshman year. I was also a YoungLife kid so I had tons of shirts from camp, and club and events. Join me as I throw out these souvenirs.

15. Outdated Purses. I am amazing at this one! I get one point! I only have like three purses in my closet at a time. I usually wear my purses out and then get rid of them. You should always have a large purse for when you have a big day to plan for, a small clutch, and a purse with a side strap for when you have to do a lot of walking. That usually works for me. This is also something I splurge on. A quality purse is worth the money.

I hope this list helps! Remember, I am right there with you. Lets get organized this year!

Have a Full Color Day!



Hannah Lynn Miller
Hannah Lynn Miller

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  1. January 5, 2017 / 1:21 pm

    Such great tips! I’m definitely keeping some in mind. Thank you x

    Jessica — NinetyCo 

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