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How to Wear White this Winter

How to Wear White this Winter
Photos by Hannah Forrider. Links in blog post are affiliate links <3

How do you wear white during the winter season?

Wearing white in the winter can feel contradictory. I am here to inspire you to keep your white jeans out a little longer. I was inspired recently to find a few options for white jeans. I purchase my pair of white jeans in the later summer months so I was determined to find use for them a little longer. Here’s what I found. 

  1. White turtleneck + denim button up or vest + white shoes +white denim jeans
  2. Festive colored top + denim button up + boots + white denim jeans
  3. White denim jeans + white sweater + white shoes + beanie
  4. White denim jeans + Black sweater with white stars + vans
  5. White top + white jeans + camel winter trench coat 
  6. Tan or neutral top + white pants + camel winter coat + white winter hat

Doesn’t a White Sweater Just Feel Right?

Here’s just a few ideas I am throwing out there. These combinations are so classic and will look fantastic for any Christmas party you are attending. 

After staying home so much last year I feel like getting dressed and knowing what to wear needs to be extremely simple and thought out. Well, wearing white pants doesn’t need to be complicated this Holiday Season. 

Hope you’re having a great time this December and that you are getting your Christmas shopping done, finishing up those finals, reaching those deadlines! You got this.

Shine on,


Photos by Hannah Forrider. Links in blog post are affiliate links <3

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