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This Fall With pRana

This Fall With pRana

Pants || Cardigan

Hi everyone! Happy two weeks of marriage to me! So this is John’s first time appearing on the blog! Doesn’t he look so great with a wedding ring on? : ) We’ve been having such a good time together. We both get up really early for work and have the afternoons available for movies and fall walks.

But enough about me…

…Let’s talk sustainable fashion. I’ve worked with prAna for two years now and each time they bring out a new fall line thats quality, comfortable and amazing for the environment. Guys I am serious this is some of the best quality pieces I own. I love their clothes! And this fall we are talking about cotton.

prAna is a sustainable conscious brand that creates their materials with 100% organic cotton. Guess what I have a discount code for you! I linked my outfit from the photos above ^^^^

Use WCHLF18 for a 15% discount.

Here are three reasons to add more cotton to your closet.

  1. Cotton is Good For Your Skin

    • Did you know that wearing cotton is good for your skin? Many of your clothes are created with chemicals and organic cotton is not.
  2. Cotton Uses Less Water

    • Say you buy a t-shirt made of cotton did you know you save 115 gallons of water? Read more here
  3. Cotton Is Biodegradable

    • Because cotton is a plant, it will be better for the planet when your done with your clothing.
    • Growing cotton also creates Biodiversity for the environment. This means it provides

If you wanna know more abut growing cotton and why using cotton for your clothes is important check out this video.


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