10 Ways to Start Change

10 Ways to Start Change

Don’t go back to normal.
After the news cycles change. After the signs are put down. Don’t let yourself just forget and move on doing the same thing. Let’s be actively fighting against injustice and racism.
Here’s a few things you can do: 

  1. Avoid generalizations. Try not to make statements like, all _____ do ______.
  2. Read up on what white privileged is if you are still foggy on what this actually means. I’ll summarize it here: White people have never been systemically oppressed. Black people have.
  3. Listen to learn. Stop talking and learn. We don’t have all the answers. White people we are not the heroes here. Actually the opposite. 
  4. Be open to having people in your circles who are different than you are. I just want to stop at this point, because I truly think if you’re just open to having friends who are from a different background, political stance, ethnicity, you will learn so much. My mom really taught me this. Looking back, I’ve always had friends in my circle who are different from me. I have her to thank. Don’t be weird just love people. Be open to having friends who are different than you. You’ll be surprise that you won’t have to look too far.
  5. Move from comfortable to challenged. So many times we don’t want to ask questions or learn or be around people who are different because we are afraid our opinions or perspective will be challenged. So we stay comfortable. But challenges are how we grow. I will never forget when someone challenged me to learn about white privileged. It was so hard to swallow and I said some pretty dumb things while I was trying to process the concept. I’m glad I did though and I am glad my friend pushed me to look further into what that mean for me individually. 
  6. Celebrate differences. Hey God created all of us so unique! He did that because He loves culture and diversity. So don’t say, “I don’t see color”. See the differences, color, and embrace it. If we had people on this earth who were all the same it would be boring. 
  7. Support black businesses. Do ittttt!!!!!
  8. If you are a church leader read books on justice, reconciliation, and the civil rights movement.
  9. If you are a parent, teach your kids about racism and why it’s wrong.
  10. Change starts with friendship. For me, the change started when I had close friends who are black. I saw first hand the difficulties they faced. I had the hard conversations with them because they were willing to go there with me. AND THEN I was able to share what I learned with my white friends and family. I saw my friends change bc I changed.

Those are just a few things to start with. Totally from my experience. The change starts inside first. Change is active, not passive.

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Hannah Lynn Miller
Hannah Lynn Miller

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